Sunday, October 10, 2010

Through thy winter...

Yes, we will be living thy dream on our cross bikes through thy winter here in TC. With thy warming hut only a couple hundred yards away from thy course there will be no acceptable excuses for not showing up due to "weather conditions".

Speaking of "weather conditions"... Once it gets cold we are going to fire up a grill and have some Bratwurst eating competitions before,during, and after our ride. We are going to need thy extra protein to keep us warm.

It's still early and thy course has yet to be officially "born" but does anyone have any name ideas? Come up with the winning name and win a free ankle massage from Rick valued at over $7.50.

Ok then.... Tuesday evening. Be there. We flew legendary cyclocross course designer Oprah Winfrey here this weekend to make a few adjustments. Wow, she did not disappoint and you will not be disappointed.


  1. Well, this fall I suggest calling it the Forest Moon of Endor, and then when the Snow hits, Hoth. Any Star Wars name will do.

    Red 5 Standing by.

  2. I absolutly did not give you permission to use my photo on this site...You will be hearing from my lawyer...

  3. Forest Moon of Endor is pretty solid but it seems in a high speed situation (HSS) it might be difficult to speakith clearly.

    After yesterdays practice/egg sale we have a few new names to add to the competition.

    Sandlot (sand-lot n.)
    A vacant lot used especially by youngsters for sports and games.


    Field of Dreams (feel-duv-dreemz n.)
    A vacant field turned into a cyclocross course that if built..."they will come". FOD for short.