Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sunday Cross at Hickory Hills

Sunday afternoon cross ride

Where: Hickory Hills

When: Noon

Who: Everyone

Looks like perfect cross weather 44 and wet....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lunch Cross

When: Starting this Thursday the 18th, every Thursday at lunch until it is too snowy  to ride the course.

Time: 12:30 pm

Where: Traverse City, Hickory Hills Meadows  (meet at the entrance to Hickory Hills) 

What:  Unofficial and unsanctioned Cyclcross race series sponsored by Pabts Blue Ribbon (okay, maybe they aren't an official sponsor.... yet)

Prizes: will pay out 30 deep, unless Scott can only find a case of PBR, then they only go 24 deep.

Brought to you by Tim, Joel and Howie . Utilizing some of the terrain and existing trails on the HH Meadows property. We will  ride a warm-up lap or 2 to get to know the course, then race for about 30-35 mins 4 laps (approx 8 min laps).  Keep in mind that people like to walk their dogs, and hike in the meadows so if we see pedestrians lets give them the wide right of way, smile and say "hi". Let's keep it super friendly and fun.

Pass the word!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Saturday Ride

Meet at Darrow park 9 a.m. Saturday 11/13

Riding out to Pedalling Beans for a coffee and to share Iceman stories. If you've no iceman stories....ghostman stories will do.

We will ride the tart to Suttons Bay then across to Pedalling Beans. The trail turns to dirt so I suggest you bring either your cyclocross bike or mountain bike. A road bike will work to, but your tires will get dirty.

This will be a social ride which should see an average speed of about 10-15 mph. So cool out and enjoy! If you have a bicycle you are welcome to join. Pass it on.

Jason Lowetz

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

2010 Ice Cross

Are you Up to the last Cyclo-Cross Race of the Season in this area?

Ride on parts of the famous Iceman Cometh course and earn a chance to win either a Cannondale or Slingshot Cyclo-Cross bike frame set.

Timber Ridge Resort

Sunday November 7, 2010

This newly created course promises to be a challenging and fun course that will incorporate parts of the Ice Hole and a new bike terrain park at Timber Ridge.

Come join Twin Bays Racing and Timber Ridge RV & Recreation Resort for the final bike race of the season in the Grand Traverse Region. The three races will include asphalt, sand, dirt, a boardwalk as well as both natural and manmade barriers. The “C” race starts at 9:00am (30 minutes), the “B” race at 9:45 (45 minutes) and the “A” race at 11:00 (60 minutes).

If you have not done a cross race and have some “juice” left in your legs after the Iceman, come find out why cyclo-cross is the fastest growing segment of the cycling market. You can use your mountain bike, a cross bike or a modified road bike. Cyclo-cross racing is great fun. It’s also technically challenging and physically demanding. The effort and skill required to compete elevates your overall racing fitness and leads to great improvement when the spring races roll around.

Warning: Cyclocross riding has been found to be very addictive! Try it and you might quickly adapt a new fall sport. To treat your addiction and to register for the Ice Cross:

Checkout our website: or our registration site: For additional information call: (231)941-7050.

Cyclo-Cross is a great spectator sport. The public is invited to watch all the festivities. Children also love all the action, excitement, thrills and spills. Cowbells, cameras and other noisemakers are welcomed

· Every rider during our season race series will be eligible to win a bike frame set from either Cannondale or Slingshot Bicycles. Each bike frameset is valued at almost $1,000 and every race you do provides you with another chance to win.


Twin Bays Racing

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tuesday Iceman warm up

What better way to get ready for this Saturdays Iceman race then a Tuesday night cyclocross training session at the VASA CX course?

The answer: There is no better way.

See you there at 5pm (11-2-2010)