Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lunch Cross

When: Starting this Thursday the 18th, every Thursday at lunch until it is too snowy  to ride the course.

Time: 12:30 pm

Where: Traverse City, Hickory Hills Meadows  (meet at the entrance to Hickory Hills) 

What:  Unofficial and unsanctioned Cyclcross race series sponsored by Pabts Blue Ribbon (okay, maybe they aren't an official sponsor.... yet)

Prizes: will pay out 30 deep, unless Scott can only find a case of PBR, then they only go 24 deep.

Brought to you by Tim, Joel and Howie . Utilizing some of the terrain and existing trails on the HH Meadows property. We will  ride a warm-up lap or 2 to get to know the course, then race for about 30-35 mins 4 laps (approx 8 min laps).  Keep in mind that people like to walk their dogs, and hike in the meadows so if we see pedestrians lets give them the wide right of way, smile and say "hi". Let's keep it super friendly and fun.

Pass the word!


  1. Oh, if only HH wasn't 2.5 hours away. That's really cool, post pictures and results!

  2. I will be there!

    No drinking for me, I have to work in the evening!

    -Chad "Bunker Hill Bikes" Schut