Friday, October 16, 2009

Timber Ridge Twilight Race #2

 The second race in our new cross series was a great time. Afternoon rain/snow gave way to a dry cool evening, perfect cross weather. Thanks to all the volunteers and racers who braved the conditions.
Special thanks to Team Hagerty for showing up in numbers, Timber Ridge for the venue  and to Tim Brick for bringing the p.a. and providing music and technical assistance. We couldn't do this without everyone who came out. Looking forward to the IceCross race....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Timber Ridge Twilight Race Results

A Race                                    
1. Ty Schmidt                          
2. Ross Williams                      
3. Tim Jenema                          
4. Scott Howard                      
5. Tim Barrons                        
1. Ty Schmidt                          
2. Ross Williams                    
3. Scott Diment
4. David Hintz
5. Dennis Larson
6. Lars Welton
7. Darren Cartledg

1. Scott Diment
2. Dave Bucholz
3. Glen Ruczynski
4. Benjamin Tompkins
5. Todd Zrimec
6. Shawn McNamara
7. Matt Mulligan
8. Mike Coco

Womens Race
1. Ali Bridson
2. Rachel Decker
3. Rachel Hintz