Monday, October 25, 2010

CX practice at the commons this week

photo by Troy DeShano

Tuesday 10/26/2010 6PM

Cyclocross Practice

A couple no-drop laps followed by 5 lap practice race. Rumor has it that the winner will receive a gold necklace and a yellow speedboat.


  1. Congrats Whit! Yellow speedboat.... nice..

  2. If you were to job shadow me, you would know why I enjoyed the course. I do nothing but stair intervals all day long.

  3. The day after: Two trees have fallen smack in the middle of this lovely course. One, a pine right next to the first building when you come back to the grassy knoll, actually works. You just have to hug a little tighter to the wall. The second one is right in the middle of the trail. Tried using it as a barrier, but it is just too much to climb over. I guess we go around, or wait and the city will probably clean it up.

  4. Jason said
    dennis said - I do stair intervals all day to, but.....