Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cyclocross Training Sessions: VASA Trailhead Tuesday 5:00pm

Just in time for cross season  Tuesday nite cross rides/practice sessions have started . We have a cool new course set up at the VASA trailhead behind the warming hut. We will have rides, mini-races and even a current world champion on hand to give you pointers. Everyone and every skill level is welcome, tell your friends.


  1. Thanks Rick, TJ and Jason for the hard work on the trail. See you next week!

  2. Thanks to anyone and everyone that showed up to ride last week! The course is coming together nicely. Please ride it as often as you can.

    I shall be oot thar around 3pm today werkin on duh course. If you'd like to join please bring shovel or rake. Otherwise....see you at 5 in your spandex.

    JRL - World Champion

  3. Crap.....Tuesday afternoons are bad for me, I ride in the wood with friends from 3:30, but I'll try to swing by afterwards.
    For those who look for a place to train on the west side, I've been training on what was the TwinBays August course at the commons. It's a 4 minute lap with no boards, and it's "lightly marked" so as not to draw attention to it, but it can be easily followed after a couple of laps...I mean you guys CAN follow a course ....right?
    Also I've been driving down to GR for KissCross races this year and anyone who wants to car pool let me know, Hell Yes Clothing is a KissCross sponsor this year.

  4. The course is coming along nicely. I think I liked TJ's idea of the start line being down by the wood chips, race up the incline for the hole shot in the course and let the good times roll. What do you say next week we try to run 5 or 6 laps, mini race style? Will be good clean fun!

  5. Sounds good to me. Yes, we will be ready to have some practice races next Tuesday. Course will be ready. I'm flying Tom Cruise in to make it happen.


    ps. Thanks for the post Dennis! Might hit you up on that car pool to GR for KissCross offer.